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The Nut Shop

The Nut Shop, the go-to store for your kitchen cupboard:  Dried fruits, nuts, oils, condiments, jams and honeys, and a lot, lot more.

And then there's supplements and bodycare. All here.

Here's where you'll find the essentials. The self-selection nut counter provides a wide assortment of raw and roasted nuts and seeds.  We also have macadamias, raw pistachio kernels, tiger nuts, mulberries, barberries, goji berries, chocolate covered brazils, ginger & coffee beans and much, much more, as well as a wide variety of organic nuts, seeds and superfoods.


Stock up your larder from our row upon row of oils and vinegars, jams and honeys, soy and nut milks, nut butters, coconut oil, bouillon, fermented vegetables, pickles and chutneys.


Our Japanese food section boasts a wide choice of noodles, soy sauces and tamari, all kinds of seasonings, miso and miso soups, seaweed and dried mushrooms.


Supplements and natural remedies are also here.  Major brands and smaller suppliers combine to offer an all-encompassing spectrum of health choices.


Our bodycare selection is extensive, providing a wide range of shampoos, bodywashes, soaps, skincare, toothpastes, essential oils, bath salts and candles.


Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday

9am – 6:30pm


33 Brecknock Road

London N7 0BT


0207 284 1314

0207 607 1936